Saturday, December 29, 2007

Conversation of the night

MonkeyGirl: What brings you in to the ER tonight?

12-year-old parents of not-sick acting child (Ok, maybe not 12. But they were definitely young) : My son has a fever.

MG: How long has he had a fever?

12YOPONSAC: Almost 20 minutes!

MG: What was his temperature when you took it at home?

12YOPONSAC: Well, I don't actually have a thermometer. But he feels really hot.

MG: Did you give him any Tylenol or Motrin?

12YOPONSAC: No, I wanted you to see how hot he was!

Rectal temp: 99.9
Patient observed as he slept for 30 minutes.
Repeat Rectal temp: 99.7
Patient discharged home with instructions on how to purchase and use a thermometer and antipyretic medications.


DrShroom said...

and advice on what constitutes an 'emergency'..?

Spook, RN said...

I love folks who bring in sick kids with ihgh fevers.

"Did you give him any tylenol?"
"No! I wanted to show you how hot he was!"

Yes... and leave the poor kid at risk for a seizure or something?

Some people are scary...

MonkeySister said...

I can hear it now...

"You want me to put the thermometer WHERE?!??! Naw. I'll just come back and have you do it... My 'insurance' (medicare) will pay for it."

Mother Jones RN said...

Stuff like that drives me nuts, but I'd rather deal with an overprotective mother who rushes her child to the ER for every little thing than one who ignores her child while she's out doing crack.

~SUV Mama~ said...

Could you offer to sterilize before sending them on their way?

There is overprotective, and then there is this.

AtYourCervix said...

When my oldest daughter spiked a fever of 106 at the tender age of 2, I promptly took her to our family doctor's office (it happened during the day), right AFTER I gave her tylenol to bring the temp down. It didn't bring it down, and she had a sustained temp of 106 for several hours. Had to do a cool bath to bring it down, after she was worked up (we were sent to the hospital for a stat chest xray, which showed pneumonia).

I personally find that I receive quicker care and diagnosis when I go through my family doctor, than using the ER.

Nurse K said...

At least it was parents plural. *Sigh*

Birdwell said...

I feel bad for the poor child not even sick and he has to have a thermometer shoved up his bum! All for nothing. (Doesn't average rectal temps run at 99 any ways? 98 for under tongue and 97 for under pit?)

Mom In Scrubs said...

An excellent illustration of why I never worked in the ER. At least in the ICU they have passed the first "filter..."

These are the type of people who also genuinely believe that their "emergency fever" should be triaged ahead of the guy who has his hand wrapped in 4 inches of bloody gauze and his finger in a baggie full of ice, am I right?