Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tough Call

So what was the best thing about yesterday?

Charlie Weis, the offensive genius that he is, going for it on 4th and 8 instead of kicking a field goal, which ultimately led to Navy snapping their 43 game losing streak against ND?

LSU triumphing over the Devil Nick Saban and Alabama?

The highly over-rated #2 Boston College going down to FSU?

Steve Spurrier saying that his team was worse than a Division III team?

Michigan winning their 8th game in a row even though Hart and Henne are both playing hurt?

We all know what my vote is.

What's yours?


David said...

As an FSU fan, I was thrilled with the way they played against B.C. I never thought we stood a chance.

Of course, when Satan, I mean Spurrier loses, it is always a good day!

BTW, I enjoy your blog.

mielikki said...

Go Navy!
As a sailor used to be, I have to cheer my Midshipmen, all the way.
But they had better beat the Army again this year, I have a tattoo riding on that game. . .

Anonymous said...

Like all of the above except Michigan, Go ILLINI

911DOC said...

i am not a notre dame fan but i really feel bad for them. honestly. besides the fact that it heralds the apocalypse it's just hard to watch.

go blue. and go my favorite team that did win but i won't claim publicly because of HIPPA and shit.