Sunday, November 25, 2007

911Doc is full of shift

Well, it's only two days into the challenge, but 911Doc is properly utilizing the shift key with great skill.

Apparently he's adopted a special new motto, as well; this just arrived in my inbox.

The accompanying message was in aLteRnatiNg cApiTal and loWercAse lEtteRs. My eyes may uncross before Christmas. Or they may not.


William the Coroner said...

Monkey Girl--don't mess with the docs. You shoulda known that by now.

Nurse K said...

Shift BETTER be happening, that's all I've got to say.

John McElveen said...

I think improper use of the shift key is a syndrome. I'm not sure it has a name other than maybe Dumass-Syndrome. I have no ability to type whatsoever. I have to look at every letter, so I never look up at the monitor. Besides, there is so much white out on it before I "fount" the delete and backspace keys I can hardly see anything. I always seem to hit the caps lock key in between 1/2 the statement I'm writing. So everytime I hit the Shift key I type one lowercase letter.

I think 911 Doc may have it- but it's really too early to tell. Look for signs like..

Uncontrolled Flatulence, Drooling, Snobbishness (only a cover), Rash, Nausea, =- Oh heck just read any package Poop sheet on any med: and see contraindications and side effects and look for those.

If 911 Doc has 90-100% of them- He/She is completely normal and does not have ShiftLock/CapsKeymegacolonitis.

I think there is a way you can turn on a beep so if you hit certain keys ("C" or B flat) your keyboard will beep and shock you. But how retarded would that be.

Sorry- I had way too much time this Sunday afternoon and just amused myself typing on your blog.

Your silly friend.


Ambulance Driver said...

While you and Nurse K are at it, could you possibly get Girlvet to start using paragraphs?

Pretty please? ;)

Vitriolic Virchow said...

If MG and Nurse K are at it, that should be filmed and sold on the internet to pay off their loans.

911DOC said...

I am a lowdown worthless toad. I grovel at your feet Nurse K. Please forgive me. I can not find the offending comment because I can not remember where I placed it. Please forgive me or Monkey Girl will kill me!