Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quote of the Night

Crazy lady with hysteria-inducing abdominal pain, complete with crocodile tears. Positive Cheetos sign. Wailing like she's traumatically losing body parts (I'm picturing the pruning shears scene from Bound.) Every 5 minutes or so she gets up, runs to the bathroom, flushes the toilet and runs back to her seat.

"I need to talk to the Doctor right away! Something is really wrong with me! I keep throwing up these red stick-like things!"

Chew your food, crazy lady.


GuitarGirlRN said...

I LOVE the "positive cheetos sign" reference.

I had a mother in the ED with her six-month old, complaining that the baby was vomiting orange vomit. Kid was happily sitting in his stroller, with orange dust around his mouth and on his hands.

Cheetos. At six months. Guess that's the ghetto replacement for zweiback crackers for teething.

RevMedic said...

I once ran a call on a teenager 'vomiting blood'. I show up, there's no emesis to look at, so we load her up & go.

Of course, I failed to ask the pertinent question.

The doc did, though. Turns out her last meal was licorice. Red licorice. Lots of it.


girlvet said...

positive cheeto sign...hahahahaha