Tuesday, September 4, 2007

PMS Pandemic

I just opened up Bloglines for the first time in a few days, and Holy Crap! I'm fairly certain that we are seeing evidence of a PMS pandemic!

ERTechDude is talking smack about Nurse K, the non-ER docs are attacking the ER docs again, the Angry Pharmacist and the Angriest Pharmacist are, well, ANGRY, somebody apparently insinuated that Babs isn't a good mom (inspiring a fantastic rant), ERNursey's bosses freakin' SUCK, and I've still got a ton of blogs to read!

Girlvet's right. Our med-blogosphere's getting a bit soap opera-ish.

Since I'm feeling a bit pissy myself, I'm gonna go drink a Guinness and find a football re-run. Y'all can fight without me.


Anonymous said...

Hey..things are fairly calm on my side of the world. We are just having a contest for the best "Boobage" shot. ha..ha.ha..! It's all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out. *giggle*

Christine-Megan said...

Thanks for keeping me up on all the controversy!

NocturnalRN said...

oooo thanks for the links. I will have to check it out with my nosey self. heehee. Hope your beer was great

Nurse K said...

Now that I got that flashing CRAYZEE CENTRAL avatar, I'm sort of bound to acknowledge all the crayzees' verbal diarrhea.

I'm Nurse K, and I'm a crayzee enabler. Please forgive me.

Angry Nurse said...

We still need someone to not only wake up from a coma, but come back from the dead not to mention have amnesia for it to be truly a soap opera..

mielikki said...

I agree! What's really going on?
That's why I threw up song lyric's.

Nurse K said...

I dunno, Angry Nurse, I'm still holding out for The Speaker to have an amazing recovery from her "death."

Anonymous said...

How about.....they will have to fling poo without you, MonkeyGirl?

hee hee, sorry, could not resist monky reference + scatalogical humor.


CrankyProf said...

But you're so cute when you're bitchy!

John McElveen said...

I just woke up on a desert Island- made love to a native girl and found out she was my sister- I was in a tub of ice and one of my kidneys is missing. There is a plate in my head and everytime the doorbell rings I fart and piss my pants. Never mind- that had nothing to do with the plate! I was taken to a General Hospital where I was given One Life to Live in Santa Barbara with All my Children, and I felt the Passions welling up again!

Damn- that's enough for free- LOL

I Love you Loving Football- USC vs GA ESPN 2 at 5:30 Sat- GO COCKS!!!!!


Amanda said...

Dayum... looks like I picked a good week to get lost in the virtual world, eh?

'Course, now *I* have PMS. But I'll take it out on my husband. As I should.