Thursday, August 30, 2007


College football started tonight. I was at work.

It's opening weekend. My sister who doesn't like football is coming to visit. It would be rude to spend all weekend in front of the TV. (Contrary to popular belief, I'm not really that rude.)

Next weekend is NFL opening weekend. I work all weekend.


I sure wish I could put the rest of my life on hold until January.


Antigonos said...

Here in Israel, most NFL games are either late in the evening or in the middle of the night. I've been taping them for years, and then can "fast forward" through the commercials the next day and see a 3 hour game in an hour and a half. Perhaps you should invest in a DVR? Then you never need miss a game because those infidel bosses (not to mention the patients who don't understand they shouldn't be sick during The Season) make you work on Sundays. (How CAN they be so insensitive??)

mielikki said...

I am working this weekend too, and it sucks.
But next weekend? It's all about the NFL!

Azathoth100 said...

Yep, I wish I could pause my life too. But it's a long season so I'm surre we'll get plenty of chances to watch.

Joeymom said...

That explains a lot in this house. I should pay more attention to when opening weeks are. And we have all praises for the TiVO Gods, who allow us to hold to our schedule for bedtime and not miss any football.

Anonymous said...

September 6 baby!! Colts vs Saints... OH YEAH!!!!

bohica said...

I am excited too! During football season, sleep is highly overrated. During the late games when I am at work, i just have to pray that there is another fan in the er at that time, (the statistics are very high in this part of the country). Thiswill be my first season in the er, last season I spent in the ICU, comatose patient's do not carewhat channel their tv is on for the most part, hopefully I will not miss too much. You didn't miss too much Thurs, a lot of blowouts.

John said...

Hi I'm John- and I'm addicted to College Football. I played at the USC- University of SC- in 1972!!!!! LOL and yes we did have helments back then. So of course I still think I can start on any team anywhere at 53!!!

Hell- I sucked in College- why would I think I'd suck less now! LOL- mind does strange thinks when you eat Mushrooms you can't find in a book!!!

Look- a Gerbil.

Ambulance Driver said...

"I played at the USC- University of SC- in 1972!!!!! LOL and yes we did have helments back then."

You wore a helmet, John???

Shit, there goes my theory about you. ;)

Jeff B said...

"It would be rude to spend all weekend in front of the TV."

My dear lady, it was rude of your sister to come visit on the first weekend of the season.

Watching football games all day would not be rude on your part, though making her bring her own chips, salsa, guacamole and beer might be.

John said...

LOL AD--- it was just a little blood from my ear--and I heard something about Basilar.......and I shit my pants and that's all I remember!!!!!!


You theory is probably still sound!!! LOL!!!!