Monday, August 20, 2007

Gotta love the deadbeats

I went to the health department today to get a titer drawn. (20 bucks vs. 60 bucks through employee health; I figured it was worth the pain of sitting at the Health Dept. for 30 minutes.)

I observe the woman with two toddlers, there for their free medical care. She has the requisite fake nails, $70.oo highlights in her hair, and the ever present RAZR and pack of Marlboros. After listening to her complaining about the fact that she waited for 45 minutes to be seen, she tells the cashier how angry she is that she had to wait 2 weeks to get state approval for whatever free drugs she just got a prescription for. I didn't catch which narcotic it was, but I did catch that she is "in terrible pain, and who are they to make her wait so long?"

She then went outside and loaded her herd into a brand new $45,000 Suburban. With the chrome package.

Must be nice. Wish I had a $45,000 car. Wonder who buys her damn gas?


Joeymom said...

Yeah. must be nice. When I try to get some help for Joey's therapies, I get told I make too much money and should get divorced. Apparently being a single parent makes it easier to get something. All the money I make goes to paying for those therapies- but what a shame I work for a living. Sometimes I think we'd get more service if we were "in state hands."

Anonymous said...

Worked in the records room for a Big Metro Hospital in Nashville in the early 1990's.

Girl had all of the prerequisites (minus the RAZR), as did her kids.

She was frank about the fact that if she married her teens' daddy (together for 15 years), her bennies would end. This was as the day ended in her comfy Nikes and she drove off in her brand-new Mustang.

I drove home in my Datsun Sentra XJ/HL-B11..hadn't even been able to afford any new Nissan. To this day, I have never owned a new car.

My husband used to loving refer to her as, "The Gold-Toothed Bitch."

Doctor Bee said...

I'm sure somehow WE are paying for her gas! There's gotta be a loophole somewhere.

(I just repeat my mantra: I LOVE working for the state! I LOVE working for the state! It's not really working but it prevents swear words from launching at people like these.)

MarlaQuack said...

Wonder who buys her damn gas?

Um, you do...

Lucy said...

First time at your blog. I thought I was the only person who has an attention span of a gnat. Do you also happen to born in the year of the monkey? That would be uncanny!

Nice coming across your blog!

Luka said...

I will never forget taking a newly delivered mom and baby out to their brand new loaded BMW, she was wearing a fur coat, the baby was dolled up in designer duds (as was mom) and the FOB had so much gold on, I'm surprised he could stand upright. (Even though he was like 20 years old.) Obviously he had found a lucrative career but not one with health insurance.

Of course, her entire pregnancy care and delivery was paid for, courtesy of taxpayers. And she acted like the effing queen the whole time she was there.

I think everyone should get a chance to see this kind of abuse of the system. it makes you a little less...something.

may said...

thing is , if she will not complain, the waiting will happen again and again. she then will waste time waiting, time she could wisely spend in the mall, shopping :)

Angry Nurse said...

I know the feeling, I'm working harder and harder to support what at best could be called a modest life style. Like you I am also constantly seeing people who have "less" than me be given the things I pay for and not even have the manners to be polite or the common sense to be humble and thankful!

CrankyProf said...

She probably suck-starts it.

Meanwhile, we have one car ( a third-hand one), and are tightening our belts further (when it's already damn tight), because I am on maternity leave for the fall semester.

Apparently, actually being a responsible adult and WORKING for bennies/money is out of fashion.

What is going to happen when those of us who are breaking our backs supporting the System can no longer support it?

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is you are also siting in the health dept. getting something you are certainly able to pay for at a fraction of the cost, and finding fault with other's doing the same thing. Maybe she is also an ER RN who just wanted to save some money, same as you!

MonkeyGirl said...

God, I hate trolls.

Anonymous troll, the difference between her and I is simply that I went up to the nice cashier lady after my blood had been drawn, and proceeded to pay for services rendered.

She did not.

There is a difference between milking the system and bargain shopping.

You are retarded. Go away.

Spook, RN said...
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Spook, RN said...

Ahhh! Such pleasant news to read after working two double shifts in a row.

Sore feet, empty stomach and a bladder about to burst. Glad to know my sweat and toils go towards supporting such noble, upstanding, contributing members of society!

I swear, sometimes I think even prostitutes get more respect from the gummint than tax payers.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Health Department love to see people that PAY! It helps them continue to provide services, especially BIRTH CONTROL! Now if only we could get the free loaders to use it.

Amy said...

Um... Monkeygirl? Her pimp buys her gas.

Whichendbites said...

We got them as well. Bloody great big 4WD motors that only ever see the school run or the supermarket car parks. The only off-roading they do is getting back onto the drive.

Jeff B said...

I am quite certain that I've transported this lady, or her twin sister, more than once in my ambulance for a chest cold, runny nose, sore throat, or acute attack of fibromyalgia.

ER Tech Dude said...

Anonymous Troll you must have missed this in the post:

"...had to wait 2 weeks to get state approval for whatever free drugs she just got a prescription for"

This reads specifically that the state is picking up the cost of her prescription.

What Monkey Girl and a lot of other able to pay do is shop around and 9 out of 10 times the county public health service is less expensive than our health care costs.

It's a county service made available to all county residents. You pay for service or you get subsidized.

The fact remains, she has the money for a fancy cell phone, $45,000 car, fake nails and highlighter hair both of which aren't cheep. Yet the treatment she seeks is being paid for by the state, no money out of her pocket.

Learn to read troll, learn to read.

911DOC said...

where's shadowfax when you need him. these types of patients are vanishingly rare according to him so you have, in fact, seen a rarity and should have taken a picture. you can put it right next to your unicorn picture.

Ky Person said...

I've been reading a lot of medical blogs lately. I'm afraid it just reinforces my cynical view of mankind. Like a lot of you, I work hard and teach extra classes to make ends meet. I'd love a new used car.....maybe later, after I pay my medical bills.

Jaime said...

This kind of thing drives me insane.