Friday, August 24, 2007

FYI: Nail Biters

Apparently PRK cures fingernail biting.

I have been chewing my fingernails for 30 years.

I stopped on July 31.

Didn't notice for a week or so.

Still not chewing them.



MonkeySister said...

PRK, huh? Try accidentally getting poo under your nails while changing your baby's diaper... That will cure nail bitting in about 2 seconds flat!

I'm sure your friends in the medical profession will have equally (if not worse) gross things that will/have caused them to stop their bad habits, but that's what worked for me... PRK is alot cheaper than popping out a few beebies though... Maybe even less painful... sorry... rambling stopping now...

Loving Annie said...

Good Friday morning to you, Monkeygirl !
Anything that cures nail biting is a good thing ! Took acryllics to do that for me !

Anonymous said...

PRK? You mean photorefractive keratectomy? What's the theory on how that works?

Impetua said...

When I was about 10 my mom paid me the exorbitant sum of a whole dollar a day (big money in 1977) to not bite my nails. The clincher was when she said, "Don't tell your brother." I have not bitten them since. It probably cost her thirty bucks or so. I'd say it was a good investment. :)

Signed, A Future Nurse

John said...
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John said...
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John said...



You can now see the nails that heretofore you could not see and realize that you do not like chewing on Nizoral challenged keratin flavad cruncy snacks!!!
LOL- NOT to infer that you had a fungus- which I'm sure you didn't- as if anything could live in that crap we have to wash our hands with 106 times a aday!

Can't thnink of anything real real corny---oh oh ohh here's one...

Tune in tomorrow to see if MG lays off the habit- you won't want to miss it- it's a real Nail biter!!
Ha- Get it- Well how about the "Quick and the Dead"? No....

Um- Did you hear about the two nechia- I should say Paronychia, that walked into a nail salon... they both Filed out together--hey That was pretty good there!

How are the eyes doing- everything clear as crystal and all healed and well woth it?

Have a great weekend!