Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A friend once said...

....after completing a training class in PICC line insertion:

"I should just open a "clinic" and charge a thousand bucks cash from the druggies to put these in. I'd make a ton of money, and they'd all overdose pretty quickly, anyway, so it would be a self-limiting habit. Of course, the coroner would wonder why all the OD's were coming in with PICC lines..."
Just a random memory I thought I'd share with you. Damn, those were the good ole days.

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HIBGIA said...

nice. :-)

We just had a discussion about that...the thought of an IV drug user getting bacterial endocarditis, and then requiring 4-6 weeks of antibiotics; usually that's a PICC line and home abx.

And who's the bright guy who wants to give the IVDA a PICC line?

Although...with the reasoning above, hey, sounds good to me.