Friday, August 10, 2007

Customer Service

So I'm watching the new American Express commercial last night, and the voice of the "customer service person" says (in un-accented English, no less), "OK, don't worry, it's all taken care of."

When, in the history of the world, has this ever occurred?

I have yet to speak to a "customer service person" without an incredibly hard to understand accent. Ever.

And they never fix whatever you called them for. Well, maybe once.

Forget Gold and Platinum, we've got the new "Fairy Tale Card"!


Christine-Megan said...

When I've talked to Apple customer service they lack accents. Oh, and my phone and internet companies too. But that's it.

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me: "I'm sorry, but I can't understand you, please transfer me to someone I can understand. Thank you." I usually get passed up the food chain to a supervisor. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

With the exception of Sprint and Apple I've never gotten anyone who I can understand.

In fact yesterday Sprint agreed to send me 2 new cell phones because of the new state law requiring handsfree operation while driving. I was only looking for a decent headset when the girl asked if my car was bluetooth compatible.

Mother ErTechDude and I will be styling with 2 Motokrzrs compliments of Sprint, both for $75 total and no extension of contract.

There are good folks in the world, either that or the girl is about to quit and wanted to stick it to the "man."

GeorgeH said...

You just aren't old enough.
Back in the day, they all spoke real english.

Today Time Warner service people have not only all spoken english, but all known how to fix my internet problems immediately.

knitalot3 said...

The wonderfully mannered machine that I never could get passed, spoke unaccented English. Of course it did offer to switch to Spanish for me.

No, it never did offer to transfer me to a human. Even after punching "0" a bunch of times.

It even started over from the beginning in case I missed anything, twice.

Sabra said...

My most recent job was in customer service, & we all spoke reasonably unaccented English. I've actually had several different customer service jobs. If you're calling Sprint customer service, chances are you're either hitting Norfolk, Virginia or San Antonio. We also have two fairly large insurance call centers in the city; they apparently like us because we're not very accented.

somedaynurse said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think any of the commenters, or Monkeygirl herself, are concerned about the many American accents one may run across.

Personally, I have had rude and unhelpful born and bred American customer service reps, including some from Apple. It's a difficult job to put up with all of us a**holes all day.


pixie.dust said...

Earthlink was my biggest complaint for this ... I once called them when my TrueVoice (cable phone) wasn't working. This was about 10pm ... and they offered to call me back in about three hours with an answer. I asked where the hell they were located, because three hours from then was 1 a.m. at my house! Asshats. I grew up in Europe so I'm very used to (and understand easily) accented English, but good grief. I just keep going up the chain until I find someone I could understand.

Whichendbites said...

You mean you actually get a chance to speak to a real, living, human ? We are stuck with a multitude of bloody machines and spendwhat seems like an eternity selecting from dozens of options, press button 1, press button 3 etc etc etc like they should know everything there is to know before you get a chance to get anywhere near a human, only to relate the whole damn story if and when the real voice comes along. Then they hang up if you're rude after feeling like you are waiting for something really interesting to happen. God I hate call centres.