Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sweet: Two weeks until college football!

Bitter: Two weeks until Lee Corso and his obnoxious antics.

Sweet: Football 7 days a week!

Bitter: Working every other weekend.

Sweet: The Big Ten has a NETWORK and I have DirecTv!

Bitter: NFL Sunday Ticket costs 280 bucks now.

Sweet: Caffeine as a substitute for sleep!

Bitter: Caffeine as a substitute for sleep!


saintseester said...

Hoo boy, I cannot stand Lee Corso either. Somebody explain to me: why is he on TV?

Joeymom said...

$280 probably already spent in my house. We have HD DirecTV- the kind that records. My husband is a football-holic. All this to watch Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Sweet: football 7 days a week

Bitter: I can't afford to pay for the channels to actually WATCH football 7 days a week

Sweet: Football broadcast in glorious HD and my 61" Samsung DLP widescreen TV.

Bitter: I can't afford all the cable company upgrades to GET HD on my tv (and my area only gets 6 HD channels anyway)

911DOC said...


college. cheerleaders (not the dudes). tailgating. am radio in the background. steaks on the grill. nip of fall in the air. heaven.