Tuesday, August 21, 2007

50K, Baybee!!!

Back in April, on a lovely Friday the 13th, I entered the blog world.
Four months, one week and one day later, I hit 50,000 visitors.

Matt beat me by a day. (Not that it was a contest, I just think it's funny that we both hit 50K at about the same time.)
So to all of you that stop by on a regular basis: Thank you!!!!!
Goldsboro, NC, whoever you are: Give me your address and I'll mail you my husband's ex-wife.
I'm going to bed now. Ironically, today was the last day of my "vacation". I go back to work tomorrow. *sigh* I knew it was too good to last. Hey, at least I'll have new material!


John said...

WAY TO GO MG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

aren't you supposed to be anonymous? I now know where you live...

Anonymous said...

not that I care, but some do

Ambulance Driver said...

You're the shiznit, MonkeyGirl.


Spook, RN said...

Ya deserves it MonkeyGirl! Ya know ya deserves it! :-)

Wheres the party?!!

scalpel said...

Dang, that was quick!


Babs RN said...

Yeah it was. Took me two years to hit 50k :P

Anonymous said...

MG: I'd seriously consider editing that pic and reporting - there sure are a lot of trolls around that would love to cause you *inconvenience*...have it to happen.

Great blog btw!

Kim said...

Holy cow, 50,000 in four months is phenomenal!!!!!!!


Loving Annie said...

That is awesome, Monekygirl ! Congratulations !!!! :)

Matt G said...

You got there a lottt faster than I did, girl.