Monday, July 30, 2007

Short break

I'm having LASIK surgery tomorrow morning. Between the freaking out today (big time) and the recovery tomorrow, it'll be a couple of days till I come back. I hope you don't become too hyposarcastemic in the meantime. I'll overdose you on Thursday, I promise.


Anonymous said...

LASIK is a piece of cake. You'll do fine and when you wake up Wednesday you'll be amazed at the how clear your vision is.

I did it 11 years ago and don't regret a thing.

Wishing you the best

Joeymom said...

Hope the surgery goes fabulously perfect! Good luck!

MarlaQuack said...

Best Wishes!

John said...

Hey- I posted after you posted on mine. Ya gotta read it. It the corniest stuff I could think of to make ya laff!

SEE Ya Later-- Prayers going up and we'll both do great!!

Chat with ya soon and let me know as soon as you do how it turned out!!!


Babs RN said...

Best of luck :)

DW said...

I had mine done a year and a half ago, I could see better when I left the building than any time in the last oh...... fourty years. Little disconfort, great results.
Best wishes.

John said...

Read the Comments on Squeakys Post about the spider- it's hilarious!!!!


mielikki said...

now you'll be able to see those IV pumps that attack!
hope everything comes out clear

Anonymous said...

You'll do fine! I had mine done exactly one year ago and it was the best thing!! Hopefully, they will give you valium. Oh yeah.... that was the ticket. Hell, the Doctor who did my procedure told me to take a glass of wine with my valium when I got home and sleeeeppp....the rest of the day and night away. I woke up the next morning with perfectly clear vision and little to no discomfort. Sleep is your friend!!! :)

Be safe and have a speedy recovery.

911DOC said...

tell them you are allergic to toradol, motrin, tylenol, and versed and that the only thing that works for you is that 'dilala' thingy. also, try not to sneeze during the procedure.

Loving Annie said...

It should be an easy surgery with an excellent result ! Yeayyyy ! it'll be so fun to see clearly without contact lenses or glasses !

beajerry said...

I had it four years ago (nearsighted).
The best thing EVER!
Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate it.

I was able to see perfectly the instant I got out of the chair.
No problems!

Christine-Megan said...

Good luck with the LASIK. I've heard great things about it and hope to get it done myself some time, so you'll have to give us details!

Anonymous said...

Can you see yet? Work is way too boring with you, no one to play with without you or crystal!


Maggie Rosethorn said...

LASIK was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was AWESOME, I napped after the surgery then when I woke up, things were still very blurry but as I sat on the sofa stuff started coming in to focus and it was the coolest thing ever. 5 years later I am still thrilled I had it done. Child#2 wants to have it done as xe has eyes as bad as I did.

Only problem I have now is the presbyopia of age...have to go back to reading glasses when I am really tired or need to read fine print. Will probably end up with bifocals in a few years. :(