Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Problem solved?

The CDC says that the problems with the healthcare system can be solved by medical professionals starting their education all together, "to foster cooperation and a sense of common mission."

So after the nurses finish their 2-3 years and move on, 10 years later, when the docs get out, we'll all have a big sense of family.

Of course, many of us that work in the trenches together already have a sense of family, and it had nothing to do with where we went to school, nor will it solve any of the problems in healthcare.

In fact, the people that are in the trenches, who already have "cooperation and a sense of common mission", are the ones whose ideas are being ignored when it comes to healthcare reform. You know, because they're not politicians, and all. Because they're busy working. In our broken system. Drowning in the liquid crap that is JCAHO and such. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

"Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stepped into the debate over health care reform with a call for changing the way doctors, nurses, veterinarians, pharmacists and dentists are educated.

Not only are more schools needed, Gerberding said, but these professionals need to start their education all together, to foster cooperation and a sense of common mission."

My question is this...why would veterinarians need to be included with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists? I understand the need for communication in the event of an outbreak of West Nile or something like that, but from the beginning of the educational process?

Can you imagine the tests in a pharmacology class. "A jockey and his horse have both taken a fall during the Kentucky Derby. Both have suffered broken legs. What is the appropriate dosage of morphine for each?"

Babs RN said...

Just another example of beaureaucratic bullshit thrown out there because it sounds nice.

beajerry said...

If the CDC chick is suggesting a consilience of medical knowledge, then information systems is what needs to be focused on, not 'all starting school together'. What an idiot!

lk said...

Maybe we should have more BBQ's and pot luck lunches together. Group Hug, anyone!

I think the CDC spent too much money in the wrong direction again.

Birdwell said...

I wonder if the AMA would allow more medical schools to open or at least allow more med students would it help the cost of health care int his country. Make it more competitive, ya know?

Ignore this if it's an idiot idea since I am in no way a health professional.

Nurse K said...

So after the nurses finish their 2-3 years and move on, 10 years later, when the docs get out, we'll all have a big sense of family.


In medicaid, there is a standard for payment of emergency services which says something like 'medicaid will pay if a prudent layperson would deem the situation an emergency'. Why not start getting balls and denying some of these payments for broken toenail ambulance rides or, my personal favorite, 'no BM for 25 hours, usually has BM every 24 hours.'

Of course, most medicaid patients, after abusing the system, would not pay the toenail bill, so it would be prudent to deduct $50 from the monthly food stamps or other cash payments until it's paid off. Learn 'em a lesson in how much it costs to use the ER for stupid sh*t. I don't think the hospital/EMS should be denied payment though due to EMTALA and inability deny a patient transport to the hospital even if they're just using the ambulance as a taxi cab.

Medicaid pays the hospital, you pay Medicaid back if you abuse the system.

mielikki said...

Amen, what she said above me. Couldn't have said it better.

Loving Annie said...

I like what Nurse K said and Mielikki seconded.....

Kiki B. said...

Don't we all start school together? I don't know about the CDC woman, but my whole nursing school class started on the same day, and finished on the same day. I guess I went to a different type of school than she did. Maybe her's was more a Montessori type, where you learn at your own pace.

Kiki B. said...

P.S. Some people...err, paces are slower than others, and it seems the CDC employs a good portion of them.

Marvin Ouspenskaya said...

Perhaps when a werewolf-American needs care it'd be necessary to know veterinary medicine, especially if the full moon is on!

Anonymous said...

Regarding liquid crap.
I still can't get that smell out of my nose.

John said...

I am waiting for God's HMO when all healing will take place! Until then I'm glad all of you that started school with me- 1st Grade in 1960,
High Scool in 1968 and Graduated in 1972, College in 1972, 1976, 1995, 2002 and still waiting to start my clinicals after a 3 year wait- (Do you see a pattern after Colege of '72-LOL) and I still have to carry 6 hours each semester to saty in line!!-- will all be considered FAMILY.

Meantime- the group of professionals that cover each others backs at Urgent Scare will do just fine- when I boil it all down it comes to one on one patient care and I still get a kick out of it!

I'm going to let Monkeygirl, Nurse K, Loving, BabsRn and meilikki et. al=- do my political talking and fighting of the system for me since I ain't a Nurse yet- just a lowly Paramedic- VBG- because you represent and speak for the profession so well. I'm very serious about your take on the profession!! Excellent views I might add and I'm totally on board!!

Thanks guys on Bloggerville City for being EXTENDED FAMILY where we can help each other, laugh, cry, scram, fight, kick and get through our shifts still vitually undamaged enough to go home and relate to our loved ones in English and without Haldol patches on!!

Love each of you- except, Medicaid (not all), Seekers(not all), Fire ants(all) and Trich (all)!

Proud to have you as friends and advocates in the trenches!