Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Its a me meme!

OK, this is the first time I've volunteered for a meme, but this looked fun. Via Babs, RN; post pix of yourself as a wee thing.

Picture #1: "I'm sweet. I promise. Wanna go steal cars?"

Picture #2: "Why do I have to wear this shit, exactly? Easter? What do rabbits have to do with dresses?"

Feel free to meme if you wanna. Leave me a comment so I'll know to come check it out.


Mother Jones RN said...

How cute! And yes, let's steal some cars, but only the expensive ones, OK? I'm not stealing crap.


scalpel said...

I honestly don't have any old pictures of myself. My mom has all of them. I recall already seeing some of Mother Jones' pictures, though.

Y'all are cute.

MonkeySister said...

You were so cute!!!

What happened? :)

I think, rightfully so, Picture #1 was taken right after you pushed me off the couch and I was crying and you were trying to convince yourself (and mother) that you really were innocent. Likely story!