Monday, July 9, 2007

Good Moms Rock!

My step-kid makes me crazy. And she's perfectly "normal", (albeit a bit manipulative, thanks to her crazy mother). I don't have any of the "patience genes" that moms are born with.

I read every day about how life is going for Joey (and his mom), an autistic kid I've never met. And posts like this one give me goosebumps. Way to go, Joeymom!


Awesome Mom said...

Moms are not born with patience genes, it is very much a learned thing. And it is a very looong learning process.

Anonymous said...

It takes us Autistics longer sometimes to get things out.

Many times we make the connection.....but cannot express it. Some people take longer to process what happened. Hence the meltdowns.

Childhood was a very confusing time for me, I had all kinds of cause and effect experiences that were very confusing. As an adult I have a frame of reference......ah ha! if I do x then y will transpire.

Great Post, Monkey Girl

Joeymom said...

Thank you! We love you, too! I do my best with the patience thing. I recommend alcohol after bedtime. Lots of it. (I should drink more).

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing the link.