Friday, July 13, 2007

Crappy night

Not literally, thank God.

But at 2000, there were only 7 patients on the board, and the waiting room was empty. That is very bad ju-ju. I thought to myself, "Self, this could get ugly." It did.

At 2300 EMS started coming in. No quality, just quantity. 3-4 at a time quantity. For several hours.

At 0100 I had to decide: Scarf dinner while it's hot and then risk losing it when I put the Foley in the Land Whale in bed 7, or do the Foley first and risk losing my appetite. (I scarfed first. It stayed down. Barely. Yuck.)

At 0300 I made my 3rd trip upstairs to CCU in as many hours.

At 0500 I sat down. Which reminded me that I had to pee. When I got back, I no longer had time to sit down. Oh well. I got to sit on the toilet for 45 seconds.

What a crappy shift.


DK said...

I totally understand the appetite thing. I was working as a tech last week at the big hospital in town and had a (literally) crappy night. Got the to the point that went I sat down to eat all I could smell was that poo smell from the beginning of my shift. I had to skip dinner because of that.

mielikki said...

my sense of smell is dead. And even after the worst of it that permeates the shield I have put up, I can still find a way to go eat. Usually after I have cleaned myself thouroughly with every agent we have on hand. Still gagging at the sticky desk stuff, though.

911DOC said...

are there other professions out there where you literally DO forget to pee until there is a slow down and you realize the pain in your belly is your bladder about to burst? professional drinkers, okyay, but another?

beajerry said...

I love the pumpkin-colored pee that comes out after a long shift of never sitting down and never drinking water.

Vitum Medicinus said...

I laughed pretty damn hard at 0100.