Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cats and Cheezburgers

I love I Can Has Cheezburger? Here's today's reason why.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

that cheered me up. Thanks MonkeyGirl.

Amanda said...

I Can Has Cheezburger is on my list of Must Reads.

Loving Annie said...

Very cute !
Happy Saturday to you, Monkeygirl !

John said...

Damn! Post a warning girl! I'll not sleep for a month after that thing popped up on my screen! Jeez Louise! Going to grind up and mainline some Xanax! And we were just fixing to bring three outside cats in.....o no- Oh Hell no!!!!



MarlaQuack said...

Oh too funny that you posted this. While I was working at the gaming convention we had a few slow moments. During one of them the person sitting next to me brought that page up on the computer. It was so funny and I meant to write down the url.