Thursday, June 7, 2007


Does it make me a bad person if this makes me laugh?


X-Ray Geek said...

I smell either a big FDA recall on the wheelchairs or a big warning sticker warning users to not get stuck on the front of a semi like a bug.....I too find it amusing:)

Judy said...

No recall on the wheelchairs. As Dr. Kevin said, it's one well built wheelchair to stand up to that kind of punishment.

I just wonder what was distracting the semi driver that he didn't notice a wheelchair heading into the crosswalk and not coming out the other side. If you're going to pull that far forward into the crosswalk, you need to watch out for all sorts of pedestrians.

RealisticRN said...

Or, Mr. Wheelchair thought he had the right of way, whether or not the light was blinking (NO NO STOP CROSSING!) and Mr. Truck thought he had the right of way because his light was green...either way, no doubt Mr. Wheelchair is going to become even more comfortable (financially) at our expense.

Someday...Nurse said...

MonkeyGirl: You are a bad person. So is every person to whom I showed this article. I am even worse because I laugh more every time I share it!

RealisticRN: How will "Mr. Wheelchair" profit at *our* expense?

Melissa said...

All he did was spill his soda.
I believe I would have wet my pants!
RealisticRN, you think he will file a lawsuit?

SeaSpray said...

No - we are kindred spirits!

I have been cracking up while simultaneously horrified. Does that make me a bad person?

If one of the late night comedians got that story they would have a field day with it.

If it had a bad ending we wouldn't be laughing. :)

I would love to have been a fly in the police officer's car. Wonder what they said? The person in the chairs face must've been priceless. I think mine would have frozen that way! Just the image of that alone cruising down the road. Think fear like in planes,trains and automobiles when Steve Martin drove in btween the 2 tractor trailors. :)

The idea of the aide being totally perplexed wondering how he disappeared. This is something for a movie!