Friday, June 8, 2007

Men in the news

A 66 year-old man trapped under a tree amputated his own leg below the knee with a pocketknife. I'm half his age and I think I would've just laid there until I died.

Conversely, a 41 year-old man drowned in a sewer drain when he got stuck while trying to retrieve a lost cell phone. That's a Darwin award candidate, is it not?

And a 27 year-old man narrowly escaped serious injury when the family he attempted to rob at gunpoint disarmed him and beat the hell out of him with various implements on hand. Note that both the robb-er and the robb-ee were treated for bites. Talk about a cat fight- did they pull hair, too?


SeaSpray said...

Wow! Brave man. i can't imagine doing it either but maybe if you know you WILL die maybe something else kicks in?

The Angry Medic said...

You spend WAY too much time on MSNBC, you know that? :)

Just stumbled on your blog and am surprised I didn't discover you sooner. (And every post seems to contain a link to some MSNBC article! Nothing wrong with that, I use the BBC myself. Far less funny than MSNBC though, and all proper. Maybe it's time I switched to a news portal as crazy as myself.)

I'm adding you to my blogroll! Hope you don't mind the heading I've given you :)

Fever Dog said...

I'd probably bite someone in a confrontation as well. I don't doubt I'd probably pull the hair, kick them in the shins and probably cry if I thought it would help...