Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Did something change?

OK. I admit it. I am addicted to House. I Tivo it every week. I have since the first episode. As with all medical shows, there were some minor inconsistencies, but nothing too bad. Until the season finale. (Which I just watched, because, well, I have Tivo.)

Main character patient died. Heart stopped. 3 hours of CPR ensued. Yes, 3 hours. Then, and only then, patient was placed on a heart/lung bypass machine, which was eventually turned off, and patient miraculously returned to life. Not vegetable life. Oh, no. Talking, smiling, totally fine life. After 3 hours of CPR. My beef isn't with the heart/lung bypass and then return to life scenario. It's with the 3 hours of CPR. Who the hell does 3 hours of CPR? We don't even do 3 hours of CPR on a kid that codes in front of us. 1 hour, of course. 90 minutes, maybe. But 3 hours?

And even if the miracle described above had happened, she'd be cabbage. Not talking, fine, totally normal, cute Hispanic chick. She'd be bloated, intubated, 10 different drips running, cabbage.

Bye-bye House. You have gone the way of ER. I have no time for soap operas. It was nice knowing you.


radioactive girl said...

The ending pissed me off too. Good for a series ending, but not so good for a season ending.

Tom said...

Is that the only thing? What about sending two docs to the patient's house to collect samples? What about them having time to do this + snuggle + comb their hair and get back!
What about... ah, now you got me started.
But still I watch. Cameron is hot.

Mark said...

THe ECT one didn't get you? This guy gets ECT to forget his love or something (loses every memory, but magically still knows how to talk/walk etcetera) Then "we" find out the woman his mind was erased for , was un-nessary. The guys memory was messed up to start with. But its ok the magic ECT erased who the guy was, he can relearn everything and be normal again.

KC Saul said...

What about the fact that no nurses ever seem to do anything to House's patients? The doctors give injections, intubate, run every radiology instrument known to man, (where are the radiology techs?), etc. And what about the absence of extended time real patients spend in the hallway freezing their butts off waiting their turn for their x-ray/ultrasound/MRI/CT scan?

House's minimal contact with his patients in the hospital seems a lot more consistent with actual reality (i.e., he sees them once and chats wtih them, and if the patient is asleep or unconscious he'll miss the doctor entirely) than the constant bedside contact that the four elves have with the patients. And do officials with the CDC in Atlanta even go to peoples' houses to sample their spaghetti sauce? And how come the Elves never get attacked by pit bulls? And where are the nosy neighbors? HelloooOOoo! In most suburban neighborhoods there's someone who'd make a call after seeing two or three or four unfamiliar people breaking in to their neighbor's house, even if for gossip fodder.

And where are the nurses waking patient up to take the patient's vitals just when he's finally managed to fall asleep? Where is the part where the patient is suffering from a condition that would cause severe pain to any normal person, and he doesn't have to beg someone four times for painkiller over the course of an hour and a half before he finally gets it?

And how come people taking narcotic painkillers aren't scratching in their sleep?

The three hours of CPR and the totally healthy person at the end was totally bizarre, but still.

And as an aside, Hugh Laurie used to stare meaningfully into the camera at least once an episode just in case someone might forget that he had striking blue eyes. Now he does it several times during the episode. Hey, Hugh. We get it. You're hot. Stop taking lessons from The Jonathan Frakes School of Acting.

Miranda5 said...

Heheheeh. I felt cheated, too. Of course, it wasn't like I was emotionally involved or anything.

The reason they need multiple close-ups of Hugh's eyes? To distract you from the fact that NOTHING HAPPENED.

3 hours of CPR? And what was up with Foreman, just kind of standing there all sweating going, "Yeah, man, we've been working for three hours! Can we please do bypass now?"

I did see a radtech by the MRI machine. Once. She even had a line. It was: "Someone ralphed in there this morning. We tried to clean it up, but...*shrugs*"

No, but ER was okay. Two attacks by helicopter--that can happen, right? *scoff.

Fever Dog said...

I've only seen House a handful of times, I had no idea it thought it was a serious medical drama.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

OMG I hadn't seen that episode, but that's pretty bad. I realized that I accidentally took you off my blogroll when I was re-arranging it. Sorry about that! I'll put you back on ASAP.

Nurse K, Generic ER Nurse said...

Hugh Laurie's eyes, The Look, and the seemingly impossible oxygenation of vital organs during cardiac arrest MUST be related. He's probably a gimpy alien from the future.

Megan said...


I had issues with the one where the baby was on ECMO for what seemed like a few minutes, and then was breathing fine on it's own. No vent, no cannula, nothing.

That's sure not how it went when my dd was on ECMO.

Ambulance Driver said...

ECMO = Extra Cash Making opportunity


ECMO = Even Corpses May Oxygenate

Is it just me, or does house seem to encounter an amazingly high number of zebras?

X-Ray Geek said...

Yeah, CPR for 3 hours?? By the same 2 people???? Not plausable. The show is going way wacky. I think it is on its downfall..

Joeymom said...

I'm a Hugh Laurie fan. He's fabulous. I haven't watched the offending episode yet, though. My TiVO has weeks of back-watching on it. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm make babies with Hugh Laurie any time. Even with Foreman 'cause he's hot too.

Isn't that why Baywatch was so successful?

KC Saul said...

Hugh Laurie is definitely hot, but you realize when you see him in Stuart Little how much of that is acting. I mean, is Stuart Little's Dad hot?

And why is it that basically ordinary guys (blazing blue eyes notwithstanding, Hugh) like Hugh Laurie and James Gandolfini get to be sex symbols? Is there a female analogue to Hugh Laurie or James Gandolfini anywhere?

As an aside, that clinic that he (House, not Tony Soprano) works in looks awfully clean, and there's never anyone in the waiting room throwing up. There should be a family of intoxicated people shouting at cross-purposes with each other in every waiting room. I thought they were issued to every hospital. Kind of like a federal grant. Here's your delivery of Demerol, and here's your loud group of relatives shouting at cross-purposes to each other, waiting for hours for some unknown patient. Oh, you are deficient in said family? Sign the invoice, and we'll unload them. The bus is on the way. We'll serve them alcohol so that they'll be properly intoxicated and throwing up by the time they arrive, as per Federal law.

And, finally, I'm sorry, but I know that that gorgeous hospital is totally fictional because there isn't a row of vending machines serving totally overpriced but biologically useless foods containing things like Lake #38 and BHA and BHT added to retard spoilage. Where are the vending machines? Where are the totally malfunctioning pay phones?

I'm sorry to digress from Hugh Laurie's sexy eyes to food, but hey, sex...food. Okay? But what is it with hospital food? The tuna sandwich in any hospital lunch is strong-smelling enough to burn the wallpaper off the hospital room walls and curl the bottom of that useless stained curtain that divides the rooms -- my eyes are watering, and after I gave birth, yes, I'd expended a lot of calories and didn't gain much weight, but what hospital dietitian figured I needed a huge shovelful of bland macaroni and cheese on the same plate as a hubcap-sized grilled cheese sandwich, and...orange juice!! Was it ORANGE DAY? Or was it just that my baby was jaundiced and they were trying to subliminally communicate this to me through my food?

911DOC said...

funny, had heard so much good stuff about 'house' that i finally tivo'd it and watched it last night. it was the episode you described. what a fucking joke. i wanted to punch the guy after five minutes and kill all the rest of them too for putting up with him. and one more thing... the people plucked out of the ocean were off a boat from cuba right? the coasties fish 'em out of the water with a helo and they end up in a hospital in new jersey? did i miss something?

MonkeyGirl said...

OK, so the common consensus is that it's a joke. Unless you're a chick, and then it's ok, but only because Hugh Laurie is hot. I'm with Tom- Cameron was hotter than House.

There were a brazillian retarded things that I was willing to overlook (most of which also annoyed others, from the comments) but after the season finale, I just can't take it anymore.

AD: There's probably a joke in there about Occam's Razor and the unshaven stubbly look that Hugh Laurie sports, but I 'm too tired to come up with it.

Antigonos said...

"House" bears no resemblance whatever to any medical environment I have ever been part of in the 40 years since I graduated nursing school, so I take the series as totally imaginary.

The reason, I think, that Gandolfini and Laurie are today's sex symbols is precisely because they look like the guys we see and not Richard Chamberlain (when he was Kildare)--too beautiful to be true.

Odd that no one has wanted to spend the weekend with the Australian doc--Laurie I'd invite to tea but unless he shaved I fear I wouldn't want him closer than across the table...

Richard said...

Even though it's the least pretentious of the four (Grey's Anatomy, House, ER, and Scrubs), Scrubs manages to be the most medically accurate usually (at least in my unknowing first-year-med-student opinion).

Aidan's mom said...

I can continue ignore the medical inaccuracies as long as Jesse Spencer stays...but if he goes...hmmm...I think I go. ;-)