Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Thank God I'm Right-Handed

Left-handed women may have a shorter life-span

Somebody actually funded a study on this, and somebody actually studied it for 13 years.

Maybe the left-handed women started committing suicide so that the freaky Dutch reasearchers would stop following them. Can you imagine having a freaky little Dutch scientist stalking you for 13 years?


drytears said...

I think I recall reading something in my psych book last semester about this... and the reason why (I think) or at least a lot of the earlier deaths were due to the fact that left-handed people were working on equipment (like in factories) that was made for a right-handed person.

MyssiAnn said...

OH NO!!!!! I'm a lefty!!!!! I'm gonna die!!!!!
Oh, wait, no one makes it out of this game alive anyway. Please pardon my panic.
Actually, my grandmother died of breast cancer and my mom and her dad of burst aneurysms at the base of the brain. Guess what is most likely to kill me? I want to live to raise my kids and see them have kids, but not forever...