Sunday, May 27, 2007


26 y.o. female, 8 weeks pregnant, abd pain. 4th pregnancy, no live births. Baby Daddy in the room with her. Pelvic exam reveals two things: the nastiest discharge I have EVER seen, (and the doc just had to make sure I saw it, too) and a tattoo right above the bikini line, that says "Ja'Quan's" with an arrow pointing down. (Can you say ouch?)

We discharge her and Ja'Quan with antibiotics and instructions that you know they won't follow.

Fast forward two hours. A polite young man of the African American persuasion walks in and asks the clerk at the front desk for the previously mentioned patient. He's her husband. His name is Ja'Quan. He is NOT the previously mentioned Baby Daddy.

We tell him that she was discharged two hours ago. He thanks us and walks out.

We spend the rest of the night at the nurses' station deeply immersed in social commentary.

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Jessica Loff said...

Now in her defense, the tattoo would have been upside down and she probably couldn't read upside down. Also it was probably tattoo'ed onto her while she was drunk and couldn't remember what it said(why else would you let someone do that to you?). And I would have to venture a guess that the baby's daddy probably didn't read it because it's usually dark in the backseat of the car.