Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Bud Selig's Fault

Josh Hancock's dad (the MLB pitcher who died driving drunk last month) is suing the bar where his son got drunk, the tow company that owns the truck his drunk son crashed into, and the driver of the car that the tow truck was stopped for.

Perhaps he should also sue Verizon Wireless for providing cell service to the phone his drunk son was talking on. And maybe he should sue Ford for building the Explorer that he was speeding in while not wearing a seatbelt. He should also sue the St. Louis PD for not arresting him 3 days earlier when he was in another wreck.

But most definitely, he should sue the St. Louis Cardinals for paying him so damn much money. Because if they hadn't, he wouldn't have been able to afford the ton of booze he drank, the two cars he wrecked, and the cell phone he was on. Instead, he might have been the poor sap in the Geo Prizm stalled on the side of the road, who is now being sued by some moron's equally moronic father for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Nurse Kelly said...

Hopefully the judge will throw the lawsuit out before that poor guy with the stalled car and the tow truck driver have to hire an attorney.

I'm sorta independantly studying legal nurse consulting, and the only reason I can think of for the tow truck driver to get sued is if he didn't have his whirly emergency lights on and was blocking the road recklessly without any way to signal that he was there to oncoming traffic. I really can't think of a way the stalled car's driver could be sued, assuming he was just chillin' there waiting for a tow truck. Even in the worst case scenario, there would be serious mitigating circumstances where the tow truck driver would likely not be held to a high degree of fault due to the baseball player's drunkenness. Basically, if someone is over the legal limit, they're not supposed to be on the road and are considered legally unable to operate a motor vehicle safely in any circumstance.

Jess said...

Only here could this actually happen. It's as pointless and ridiculous as the judge suing the cleaners for losing his "favourite pants" and asking for something crazy in punitive damages. Let's hope the judge sees this lawsuit for what it really is, and holds that moronic father responsible instigating such a dumb-ass lawsuit.

Noel Hastings said...

We, as a nation, are so lost in our own laws, rules and bureaucracy it makes me ill.... Enough with the belief that we all entitled to a fair and happy life. I am sure he is in pain over the loss of his son, but where along the way were we taught that life was fair, it would never hurt and if it does, someone owes us something to compensate?

Jessica Loff said...

Talk about sue-happy. I can understand how this Dad is distraught over the loss of his child, but come on. His son was an adult. He didn’t have to drink everything the was put in front of him. He knew better and was probably on a high from playing earlier that day and was just being stupid and thinking he was invincible. Yeah, the guy with the stalled car could have moved his car, but he’s not at fault for the drunk driving idiot that hit him. Also, whether or not the tow truck driver was there for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or an hour, is of no concern… He was doing his job. Not sitting around twiddling his thumbs. It’s not his fault either.(Unless of course, the light thing as Nurse Kelly mentioned was an issue) It all comes down to the idiot who decided that he could drink for 3 hours straight and then get in a car and drive himself home (while talking on the phone, messing around with the radio and speeding…). As bad as it is that a human life was taken from this earth, at least he only took his own life and not some innocent bystander like so many other drunk driving accidents turn out.

Another thought in agreeance with noel hastings (above comment)... It's the PURSUIT of happiness. Nothing says that we will actually GET it.