Friday, May 18, 2007

I Hate Tim Duncan

The damn Spurs won. I'm so annoyed. Not surprised, annoyed.

I swear, everytime I see Tim Duncan and that wide-eyed "who, me?" look he gets when he gets called for a foul, I just want to slap him. Yes, you, jackass. You can't elbow him in the head when you're trying to block the ball. The innocent child look may be something you learned while getting your psychology degree, but it looks a little stupid on a 31-year-old.

I'm just about done with the Playoffs. If it wasn't for LeBron, this postseason would be a wash.


Jenn said...

Sure you're not from Arizona? We're all hating the Spurs right now.

Anonymous said...

I hate that guy. Everytime he does a fuck lay up, the sentence is
" Oh what a play!!" but please Tim you're more than 7'0, can't you dunk?. It looks like he can't run either. even Stoudamire is better. Go away Timmy D! Good person- Bad foward
that's mine