Monday, May 7, 2007

Busy, busy

It was crazy busy last night. Every time we thought we had it under control, it would explode again. EMS came in with back-to-back intubated patients, (both bleeds that got shipped to the Big Neuro Hospital in the Big City), a guy came in through the front door feeling "weak", (SVT at a rate of 195), back-to-back kids with asthma and sats in the 80's, and an aspirin/Unisom/Stacker2 OD that was WAY wiggin' out. In between that was the usual smattering of chest pains, SOBs, broken bones, lacerations, ear infections, etc. The drug seekers, drunks and general pains in my ass were minimal. And as I ran around like a crazy monkey, I had a thought several times that I haven't had for a loooooong time; "God I love this job!"


Ms-Ellisa said...

yep... ER makes it thrilling... :-)

John McElveen said...

You gotta Love it to do it! It;s not a job- it's an adventu--- my bad That's the Navy!

Great blog,


mielikki said...

Sounds like fun! Happy National Nurse's week, Monkey Girl

frostbitten said...

Found your blog via Flea, who I found when searching for material for my new blog "NOT Suing." As you can imagine it is hard to find noteworthy stories about people who are not filing suit against anybody they think they can blame for something. Anyway,just wanted to say great blog!

SeaSpray said...

I always loved it when the ED got busy - well almost always. Some nights I contemplated leaving and getting a job at Macy's spritzing perfume on people or being a checker somewhere. :)

I think the adrenaline kicks in on shifts like that and I feel more efficient plus I liked the challenge.
Of course I am sorry these things happen to people but it is what it is and it is interesting too.

This one month in July and early August I worked a lot because I was covering vacations and doing my shifts and it had been horribly busy. You know when you just feel like you are on autopilot or the energizer bunny? This one night I left to go home was the last work nite before a 3 week vacation and I remember walking outside, feeling a void knowing it was over and looking at an incoming rig and saying to myself, "now what do I do?", but it only took one day of rest and I got past that. :)

Catherine said...

I'm but a lowly teacher, but I know it is the crazy days at work that make me sane. It seems that the more hectic it gets, the more I enjoy what I am doing. I have always been a fan of the "I'll do anything as long as I'm not bored" line of work.